Can I use Liquid Gold Lube, for premenopausal dryness?

Yes, Liquid Gold is 100% natural ingrediency, formulated to offer a gentle soothing relief to any
dryness. It does not have any impure ingredients and preservatives, so it won’t get sticky and itchy
and can naturally be absorbed into the skin.


Can we use Liquid Gold Lube while trying to conceive?

Our product is 100% natural and PH balanced with a low Osmolality, however your PH balance does
fluctuate during ovulation so if you are struggling to conceive we advise you consult with your
doctor and rather use a lube specifically formulated to support conception. We have heard the cry
for this and are working on it.


Can I use Liquid Gold Lube during Pregnancy?

Yes, our product is natural and gentle, and safe to use during any phase of your pregnancy, and post
birth too.


What’s the Osmolality of Liquid Gold Lube?

Our Osmolality is currently 772 mOsm, which is well under the required threshold recommended by
the World Health Organization of a maximum 1200 mOsm.


What is Osmolality & why should this matter?

It should matter a whole bunch, for our need’s osmolality is simply the concentration of a water-based

•If you want to get slightly more technical –Osmolality is a measure of the concentration of dissolved
particles per unit of water in a water-based liquid and it’s measured in milliosmoles per kilogram

•This is what draws your skins natural moisture out of the skin, so you do not want it to
be too high as it will then dehydrate your skin.
•The osmolality of your water-based lubricant is of interest because of where you place
it, your vulva, anus, or penile urethra (your pee hole).
•The outer layer of skin in these areas is made of cells that let water flow freely in and
out of them as needed (non-keratinized for the sex nerds).
•The cells do this trying to maintain equilibrium between themselves and whatever water-based liquid
is touching them.
•So if the osmolality of your body area cells is different to the osmolality of the water based lubricant
molecules, then your body cells will adjust by either absorbing water or releasing it.



Will Liquid Gold Lube protect me from STI’s?

NOPE! Please practice safe sex!


Does Liquid Gold Lube have any spermicide in it?

NOPE! Our Lube is not a contraceptive and we urge you to stay protected. Rather safe than sorry right!


Is Liquid Gold Lube safe to use with condoms and sex toys?

Yes 100%, our water-based lube is latex and silicon compatible


Does Liquid Gold Lube contain any sulfates, flavourants, colourants or any other yucky ingredients?

NOPE! We are ALL NATURAL baby! We have no additional unnatural colorants or additives in our
products, we use Rooibos to infuse our Lube to give it a honey like colour and for it to taste delicious.


Is Liquid Gold Lube, GOLD in colour?

Liquid Gold Lube is honey-coloured to the eye from the Rooibos infusion. If it were like gold paint it would
likely not be natural and good for your scared area’s.

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Courier & Return FAQ's


Where can I find the product?

We are stocked in quiet a few online stores as well as some pharmacies in Cape Town, and working
on expanding our reach to be widely available for you. But your always welcome to come direct to the
source and order right HERE on our website.


How long will it take to get my order?

Courier usually takes 2-7 days, from date or purchase. Courier does not operate on Saturdays,
Sundays and public holidays. For any urgent orders, please email buy@liquidgoldlube.co.za


Do we courier worldwide?

We are working on it and hope to be in the near future, but currently only available in South Africa. (And Zimbabwe for direct orders : buy@liquidgoldlube.co.za)


Do we offer refunds & returns?

Due to the nature of the product type, we do not offer a refund on opened or used products and do
not offer exchanges online, to avoid any contamination.
To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, in the original packaging and in the same
condition that you received it. Refunds are only eligible for items returned within 30 days of
Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and are non-refundable.
We will notify you once your return has been received and approved. The refund will be processed
to the original method of payment. We recommend using a tracked service to return the goods as all
transport is at own risk.
If you have an issue with your product or delivery, please contact us to discuss it further at

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Do you test your product on animals?

NO ways!!!


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yup, our packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable, as we strongly believe in making an impact
between the sheets and not on the plant. *Please thoughtfully recycle.


Is Liquid Gold Lube Vegan friendly?

Yes our ingredients are all ethically sourced, natural, organic and of the highest quality we have

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If we have missed any information or you would like to know more please feel free to email us
at info@liquidgoldlube.co.za.
We want to promise to always ensure you will receive an honest and transparent response.

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